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At Cardiff Ford, we understand that every customer is different. That’s why our friendly team offer a variety of stress-free Ford finance packages and insurance policies to suit you.

Our expert Ford Finance Managers work with various trusted car finance providers, including myFord Finance to tailor an affordable package that works for you. We can offer competitive finance rates and stress-free service to ensure that you are driving away in your New Ford or Used Car sooner.

 With our fixed monthly payments, budgeting is simple. Just agree on a deposit and monthly repayment to suit your budget (over a period between 24 and 60 months).  We can even arrange a direct debit so your repayments look after themselves.

At the end of the agreement you can make a final lump sum payment to own the car outright, refinance or even trade in for a new vehicle.  The choice is yours.

Consumer Lease

A great choice if your vehicle is predominantly for personal, domestic or household use. We can structure finance packages ranging from budget-friendly monthly instalments, to a tailored package with a residual payment that will reduce your monthly payments over the term.  This option gives you the security of knowing you can manage your personal budget while still enjoying the luxury of a new car.

The ownership on a lease is transferred to you when your lease has been paid in full.  For added security, you have the option at the end of the term to refinance the residual, sell the car and pay out the lease, or trade the car.

Novated Lease

For those employees who have the option of choosing a car as part of their salary package. The Novated Lease is an agreement between the employee, employer and financial provider, where the lessee’s obligations are transferred to the employer.  In essence, the employer pays the monthly rentals, running costs and Fringe Benefits Tax from the employee’s pre-tax salary. Concessions for Fringe Benefits Tax purposes make motor vehicles an attractive component of any remuneration package.

Commercial Hire Purchase

Ideal solution for business-use car buyers. Simply find your perfect new or used car and select the most suitable repayment period between 24 and 60 months.  We will structure a flexible contract to suit your needs, and at the end of the contract, you decide whether to make a final lump sum payment to own the car outright, refinance that amount or trade in for a brand new vehicle.

Chattel Mortgage

For individual business-use car buyers who want to maximise the taxation benefits of financing a new vehicle. These are designed especially for sole traders and partnerships that account for their business on a cash basis.  GST on your payments can be claimed back on lodgement of your BAS (Business Activity Statement).  We can structure a contract to your specific business needs, with terms available from 24 to 60 months depending on your budget, with a final balloon payment facility available.

St.George Finance

Whether you need just one car, or a fleet of ten vehicles for your personal or business use, our partners at St George Automotive Finance offer one-stop financing.  The right decisions on vehicle and equipment finance can be especially critical for business customers.  That’s why St George’s competitive financing frees up your working capital so you don’t have cash locked up in depreciating assets.

Choose from a full range of options to optimise budget and cash flow, including Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Novated Lease, Chattel Mortgage or Consumer Loans.  

When you purchase your vehicle from us, we can lodge your St George Finance application online.


For more information about our Ford finance packages, Contact a friendly memeber of the Cardiff Ford team today.

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